We did have our April meeting with social distancing maintained and less than 10 people in the clubhouse at a time. Thank you to all who understood and complied with this.

Unfortunately, the first workday (March 28th) was canceled due to the new guidelines that were in place, however, we were able to have the April 4 workday with social distancing maintained. The KCCSC grounds were all cleaned up so that the committee could start mowing. We will have the April 25th workday also and will continue to maintain social distancing as required. Different jobs will be available for just a few people to work on each. Lunch will not be served. Our next workday is scheduled for May 16, we will see what guidelines there are at that time. We will also plan for another one or two workdays as the season goes on to give those who were not able to participate now an opportunity later to earn a voucher for next year.

Some important reminders: Some of the trails are currently roped/taped off-THIS MEANS STAY OFF THOSE TRAILS!! The pines trail back by Trent & Angie Williams camper is permanently closed. Also, please keep all ATVs/UTVs off the area where Dan Wolfe has completed his work and new grass has been seeded. Don’t forget to get your new 2020 ATV sticker for $5 prior to Memorial Day Weekend, any Board member can assist with this. No burnouts are allowed on KCCSC roads or grass areas; discipline will be followed per the rules. Currently, the fish are scheduled to be delivered on May 8; this is also up in the air at this time. Please watch Facebook for updates on this. Another reminder, ALL members should get permission from the Board PRIOR to building any structure on their lot. All April activities have been canceled; we do have things planned for Memorial Day Weekend, however, we are unsure if we will be able to follow thru with these or cancel. We will keep you posted. New roads are planned to be created and some of the current roads upgraded as weather allows and rock is delivered, please take care of all of the roads and maintain the speed limit as posted. The first Hunter’s Meeting will be held on May 9th at 6 pm in the back camp house.

Even though social distancing is in place and the park is closed you are still allowed to go to your own camper and need to maintain your own lot. Do not allow you grass to get over 8 inches tall or the Grounds Committee will mow your lot and you will be charged a $50 mowing fee.

Our next meeting will be on May 9th at 9 am at the Clubhouse. If still required, the meeting will run just like April’s: Committee members can get info to a Board Member to present. Anyone wanting to join will be allowed in clubhouse one at a time with their sponsor. Anyone else needing to discuss a matter will need to contact Laura Stope so she can add it to the agenda and those matters will also be handled one at a time with only the necessary persons allowed in the clubhouse to be kept under a total of 10 members which includes the 7 Board members in the clubhouse at a time. We hope this newsletter finds every one Healthy and Safe!!