***This newsletter is being paper mailed to all current members to serve as written notice that we will be discussing Bylaw updates at the May 14, 2022 meeting, which will be held at 9am at the KCCSC Clubhouse.  Please plan on attending if you wish to know what the updates are.   No other notice will be paper mailed.*** 

The meeting was held on April 9, 2022.

PET NOTICE-We will be treating the campground common areas (example-park/tent area) for the mole infestation.  PLEASE watch your pets and do not be letting them eat off the grounds in these areas as the treatment can be harmful to pets.

Fish have been ordered and we are planning on a May 13 delivery date.  More specific time to be determined later and will be posted on Facebook.

Trent plans on getting some equipment to work on the trails sometime in the somewhat near future so please be on the look out for these if riding the trails and STAY SAFE!!

Reminder-the President, Treasurer and Secretary will be updating their email lists for the members with the info received from your 2022 applications. 

Reminder-With the wet weather we have had we ask that all be aware and avoid driving on the soft areas of the campground, please stay on the roads as much as possible.

Reminder-Please let Laura Strope know if you are able to serve as a Lead for the Maintenance Committee or help out on any other committee.

Future Work Dates:  April 23, May 7 and May 21.  Meet at 9am at clubhouse.  Lunch will be served.

2022 Hunting Meetings:  May 14 at 5pm, July 8 at 5-m and September 4 at 5pm to be held at the campstore.  Victor Gray is the lead for Hunting Committee so please direct questions to him.  All active hunters and also those on the waiting list must attend one of these meetings to remain active or on waiting list.

YOUR 2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Laura Strope, President (309)371-5331; Trent Williams, Vice President (309)255-3676;  Ryley Nortrup, Treasurer (309)323-9825; Dawn Presley, Secretary (309)335-0881; Stacy Lee, Trustee (309)224-7322; Janet Stokes, Trustee (309)737-9767; Lisa DeFoer, Trustee (309)202-4788        

Our next meeting will be May 14, 2022 at 9am at the Clubhouse.  Remember, the Bylaw updates will be discussed at this meeting!