August 2018 Newsletter

Dear Members:
Just another friendly reminder to clean up and maintain campsites. If you are mowing at home, you should be mowing at the campground. Some of the lots are getting tall. If grass is greater than eight inches tall, it will be mowed and you will be assessed a $50 fine/fee for mowing.

Upcoming election Extension- intent letter turned in by September 8th – then must attend September board meeting at 8 am. Can give letter to any board member. Four positions to fill. New president and vice president, two trustees. Treasurer and secretary next year.

We still need an election committee.

Labor Day Weekend Activities-
Saturday afternoon- Box car drive in-movie (bring a box) 3 different contests, Movie will be at 8:30.

Sunday Beach Party 1:00- 5:00 pm- Bring out your favorite pool floats, water balloon fight, Root beer Floats.

Sunday Night- Night Poker Run in the woods (No Children under 16) They will need card holders.

Note: If you use the range you must put up all chains up, and ad bide by all the rules. If you don’t know where all the chains go please ask.

Special thanks to Bob Moore for installing new lights in the woman’s bathroom.

Last Hunting meeting is Sunday 9/2/18 at 6 pm.

The September meeting is the 8th at 9:00 am at the clubhouse. All members are welcome to attend!

August 2018 KCCSC Newsletter