Hi everyone,
This is just a reminder that Steve Lee will be working on the beach this Saturday (May 2).  He will be there around 9 am or so.  If anyone is interested in earning a work voucher due to the last work day being rained out , this would be a great time.   The weather is supposed be beautiful!  Please bring chainsaws as he needs the path widened to deliver sand to beach.  We will also be cleaning up debris from the beach area.  We may paint the tables and docks if time allows and if we have enough people to multi-task.  Our next scheduled work day is May 16th but with the weather, it’s a gamble if we will be able to have it . So please come if you can . We won’t be offering a lunch but we can offer a good time and a suntan . 😉.  Hope to see several there to lend a hand . 
Thank you in advance,
The board members