Dear Members:

Kevin Orman has resigned from the board.  Aaron Norton has been seated on the board as a trustee. Welcome Aaron!

With the holidays upon us, this is a busy time of year. Here are some points of interest: The front gate is now locked. If you need a combination to the lock please request it from a board member. Please close and lock the gate behind you when coming in and going out. As of now, eleven deer have been harvested from the KCCSC property. A mini-fridge will be added to the camp house for Friday and Saturday night potlucks during hunting season. As we end another year, be aware that the trails will be opening up for riding on January 1st. This being said, all riders and hunters need to sign in and be weary of the chains because hunting season continues until January 14th for deer and February 15th for squirrel. All hunters are to wear orange when in the timber. A decision was made at the most recent board meeting to reduce the amount of porta potties we maintain at the club and to go with an outside bid for sanitation. Two porta potties will remain- one at the pavilion and one at the tent camping/ park area.

This was mentioned last month, but just as a reminder: If anyone would like to head or be on a committee please submit a letter of intent to the board, even if you have previously been the chairman or been on the committee and are planning to do it again. Proposed committee budgets should be submitted to Janet Stokes before the January meeting. We still have several vacancies: committee chairmen needed: Utilities/Maintenance, Showers, Activities, and Park, and committee members needed: Grounds, Kitchen, Utilities/Maintenance, Showers, a backup for
ATVs/Ice, Activities, Park, and Beach. If we do not get members to volunteer to help with committees and club maintenance, then membership dues will go up, as we will have to hire outside contractors to come in and do work for us. Please keep this in mind and come forward if you are able so that we can keep things running smoothly. Every bit helps!

Member names that need to be added to the park memorial have been recognized: Chuck Florey, Charlie Clemmons, Mary Cecil, Paul Magee, Mary Anderson, and Paul “Smokey” Jones. We are working on this and if anyone would like to honor a member that is no longer with us that was not previously mentioned, please approach a board member.

Reminder that social dues for renewing members are due by March 1st or those wanting to become new members can apply with sponsorship and attend a meeting for approval. January, February, and March board meetings will be held at the Abingdon Banking Center at the usual 9am time. As a part of the January meeting we will be discussing the KCCSC budget for 2018. All members are welcome to attend.

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

December 2017 KCCSC Newsletter