Just a reminder to please lock the front gate as you are going into and out of the campground. If you need the combination please notify a Board Member. Also, if you are at the campground, please just check the lake out to make sure that all 3 Aerators are working properly, there should be bubbles around each one of them. If you notice that one or more do not have bubbles, please notify a Board Member immediately.

We still need volunteers to lead or be on the Shower and Activity committees. Please turn a note into a Board Member if you are interested. Also, if you are a Lead for any of the other committees and have not already done so, please turn in a planned budget for that specific committee, for the coming year, to help the Treasurer compile an overall Campground Budget.

Reminder, everyone should receive a paper copy of the 2019 membership application in your mail in the next week. If you joined in October 2018 or after, you do not have to pay your social membership again, however you DO have to complete and turn in a 2019 application. All current and waiting list hunters should also receive a 2019 hunting application in the mail. If I missed anyone, I apologize, just please notify Secretary, Dawn Presley, and I will get one out to you. The 2019 applications can be turned in starting January 1, 2019 until March 1, 2019. After March 1st, you will be considered late and need to join as a new member; you will have to attend a meeting with a sponsor to rejoin. Also, if you wish to receive paper newsletters in your mail (rather than email) for 2019, please include the $15 fee with your application and Social dues. Don’t forget to turn in your Work Day Vouchers with your application!! The 2019 Rules will be sent by email (or paper mail if fee paid).

Just a reminder of who your current Board Members are: President-Justin Williams, Vice President-Steve Lee, Treasurer-Susie Shinn, Secretary-Dawn Presley, Trustees-Janet Stokes, Aaron Norton & Matt McMahill. Their phone numbers are listed on the first page of the rules.

Another Reminder (lots of reminders!) the next few meetings will be held at the Abingdon Banking Center on the north end of Abingdon, Hwy 41, on the 2nd Saturday of January, February and March at 9am. All members welcomed and encouraged to attend!

The KCCSC Board wishes everyone a Very Joyful and Safe Holiday Season and a Healthy Prosperous New Year!!