The meeting was held on December 11.  

The Board wants all members to know that they may contact any Board Member with any questions/concerns.  It does not always have to be Laura Strope that is contacted.  Any Board Member will help out and if they are unable to assist, they will request help/guidance from the rest of the Board.  Their names and phone numbers are on the front of the Rules which will be emailed out and also posted on website/Facebook and paper copies will be available at meetings. 

The 2022 application will also be emailed and available on line and at meetings; paper copies will be mailed to those whom paid for postage.  ALL MEMBERSHIPS must fill out and return a legible 2022 application and Social Fee/Voucher starting January 1 and no later than March 1, 2022 or you will no longer be considered a member and will have to attend a meeting with a sponsor to rejoin. If you joined in October 2021 or later, you do not have to pay another Social fee for 2022, just remember the application is needed. A 2022 Hunters application will be paper mailed to all current hunters.

Please contact Trent Williams for any KCCSC camping, tent or building reservation for the 2022 season.

Please let Laura Strope know if you are able to help on any committee, especially for the Maintenance, Beach and Parks Committee.  Also, all Committee Leads need to turn in their Budgets to Ryley Nortrup by the January meeting.

A new padlock has been put on the front gate, the code remains the same as it was changed to at the Rules Meeting in November 2021.  Please contact a Board Member or someone who was at the Rules Meeting for this code.  If anyone is caught driving around the gate to enter the campground they will receive discipline and possible removal from the campground.

Reminder the Range and Trails are closed until Jan 1.  There will be 2 more shotgun weekends for deer which are Dec 30-Jan 3 and Jan 15-17.  Starting Jan 1, ALL ATV/UTV riders must sign in at the mailbox if they are going to ride in the trails.  ALL hunters also need to continue to sign in.  If a rider is signed in, than a hunter may not enter the timber and vice versa (if a hunter is signed in than a rider may not enter the trails/timber).  Also ANYONE entering the timber/trails should wear orange so they may be easily seen by neighboring hunters.  So far 6 deer have been harvested from KCCSC Hunters.

On behalf of the 2022 Board of Directors, we want to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season and a Safe, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!

YOUR 2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Laura Strope, President (309)371-5331; Trent Williams, Vice President (309)255-3676;  Ryley Nortrup, Treasurer (309)323-9825; Dawn Presley, Secretary (309)335-0881; Stacy Lee, Trustee (309)224-7322; Janet Stokes, Trustee (309)737-9767; Lisa DeFoer, Trustee (309)202-4788        

Our next meeting will be January 8, 2021 at 9am at Abbe Lanes Restaurant in Abingdon, close to Hilo and Town & Country Restaurant.