Unfortunately, the January 2019 meeting had to be canceled due to the weather so this is your first 2019 Newsletter and will contain lots of info.

Everyone should have received a 2019 application in the mail by now. These need to be returned with your Social/Hunting dues and work voucher by March 1st, 2019, in order to avoid being considered a new member. If you have not received one yet, you can check our Facebook site or website or contact Dawn Presley (309-335-0881). When completing your application, please make sure it is legible as some of them were difficult to read and may have been sent to wrong addresses. The Rules were emailed to everyone.

We are looking for volunteers that can help with the following committees:

  • Grounds-needs some individuals that can assist with mowing and weed eating, contact Janet Stokes
  • Activities-needs a Lead and/or individuals to help plan fun mainly for the children, but also for adults
  • Showers-needs a Lead and/or Helpers for cleaning purposes
  • Kitchen-needs Helpers, contact Susie Shinn

We are also looking for someone who would be able to do the Lake and Drinking Water testing this year. This is a time sensitive duty, and would required checks approximately every 2 weeks that must be done early in week and taken to a UPS drop site as it has to be received by Public Health at specific times. If you are able to commit to this duty, you will be eligible to receive a work voucher for next year. Please notify a Board Member if you can do this.

We currently have 6 open camping spots so if you are a Social Member and would like to become a Camper please notify a Board Member and attend a meeting. Or if you know someone that is not currently a member but would like to join a great place to camp, get them a application/rules and sponsor them; both applicant and sponsor will need to attend meeting.

The Workdays for 2019 have been set for March 30, April 6, April 27, May 4 & May 18 (All Saturdays). Rain dates will be those Sundays. You must sign in at the Clubhouse at 9am and attend the entire workday to qualify for a voucher for next year. Meals will be provided. If you are unable to attend one of these workdays but have an idea for a project that you can complete, you MUST get this approved by the Board at a meeting prior to beginning that project.

Hunters reported that 9 deer were harvested this past season.

Due to work obligations, Aaron Norton has turned in his resignation as current Board Member. His position went thru October 2019 and we are looking for someone to fill the position during that time frame. If you are interested, please notify a Board Member and attend March Meeting. We thank Aaron for all he has done while serving as a Board Member.