Unfortunately, the January 2020 meeting had to be canceled due to the weather so this is your first 2020 Newsletter and will contain lots of info. 

Everyone should have received a 2020 application in the mail by now.  These need to be returned with your Social/Hunting dues and work voucher by March 1st, 2020, in order to avoid being considered a new member. If you have not received one yet, you can check our Facebook site or website or contact Dawn Presley (309-335-0881). When completing your application, please make sure it is legible. Rules are available on our Website and Facebook and on paper at meetings.

Effective immediately, you must either mail your social and/or camping fees or come to a meeting to hand deliver to the Treasurer. We will no longer accept any money in person from anyone, unless it is done at the meetings.  Keep in mind that your first half camping fees are due by the meeting date of your anniversary month, second half due within 2 months after that (meeting date). Our meetings are always the 2nd Saturday of each month unless posted differently. March meeting will be held at Abingdon Raritan Bank basement and starting April, meetings will be back at clubhouse. Laura Strope, President, will start sending out reminders for camping fees, these will mostly be sent by email or text, by paper mail if member paid the $15 fee.

Please remember, that if you plan to sell/purchase a camper on a current lot, BOTH the seller AND the buyer must come to a meeting to have transaction approved by the Board.  Both seller AND buyer must be in good standings and have a signed agreement. Please refer to Rule 22.

Our first Workday has been scheduled for Saturday, March 28.  We will meet at the clubhouse at 9am. Janet Stokes would like to meet with all that will be helping with the Grounds Committee at that time also.  Susie is making a menu for the day. Raindate will be Sunday, March 29. More workdays to be posted next month.

Committee duties have changed just a little, there will be a list of committee duties posted on our Website soon.  Please let Laura Strope know if you have any questions or if you would like to help any committee out.  Committee Leaders need to have all budgets turned in to Susie by the March meeting.

Hunters reported that approximately 9 deer were harvested this most recent season.

At the start of the new camping season, all Board Members will have access to the ice freezers, we will have 10 pound ice bags for sale for $3 each.  Also, all Board Members will have access to the ATV stickers/decibel tester. We do ask that you please respect the Board members time and to not disrupt their meals, sleep or gatherings.  There are usually more than 1 Board member at the Campground so if it appears that 1 is busy/unavailable, please locate another one that would be available to assist you.