The meeting was held on February with Covid guidelines in place. 

Make sure and turn in your 2021 application and Social Fee by March 1 so that you will not be considered a new member, have to attend meetings, and possibly accrue late fees.  Don’t forget your Hunting application and fee also, if a Hunter or on Waiting List (no fee for waiting list, just application), there is a 2021 Hunter application!

The new arrangement of the Rules is complete and will be posted to our Facebook site and Website.  Paper copies will be available at meetings.  There is now a legend and page numbers on each page to make it easier to find a rule.  NO RULE IS BEING CHANGED, ADDED OR DELETED!   

Please let Laura know if you can help the Kitchen Committee.

The front gate combination has been changed and is now (ask a board member).  This is for members ONLY, please do not give this combo out to anyone that is not a member.  

Deer season and squirrel season is now over so it is no longer necessary to sign in to ride ATVs.  However, it is very important that riders do NOT create new trails!!  They should only ride on the already existing trails.  There were a total of 6 deer harvested this most recent season.

Reminder-if a member has a concern or a complaint that has to do with the campground, THAT member needs to contact a Board Member to voice their concern/complaint.  One member should not be designated to call a Board Member with the concerns/complaints of several other members.  The concern/complaint very well may not be resolved over a phone, however, it will be taken to the next club meeting for discussion.

Currently, all lots are taken, we are still accepting new members, however, if they want a camper lot they will be placed on waiting list

Our next meeting will be March 13th at 9am at Abbe Lanes in Abingdon, 409 S Western Ave (next to Town & Country Restaurant).  Please watch our Facebook/Website for guidelines that will be in place at that time for the meeting.