The meeting was held on February 12, 2022.

With the weather starting to warm up a tad bit, please remember to keep your vehicles/atvs/utvs off the grassy areas as much as possible to avoid ruts and mud holes.

Please let Laura Strope know if you are able to help on any committee or lead the Maintenance Committee. 

FINAL REMINDER-You have till March 1 to return your application, social fees and voucher without being considered late and a new member.  They must be postmarked by the post office by March 1.

ATV STICKER PRICE INCREASE- effective immediately ATV/UTV sticker prices will now be $10 each and then increase to $20 each after Memorial Day.  Please disregard the amounts that were/are on the 2022 applications.

Future Work Dates:  March 26, April 2, April 23, May 7 and May 21 (All Saturdays with no makeup dates).  Please plan to attend one 8 hour work day to earn your voucher to go toward 2023 Social Fees.  It is 8 hours per Membership to earn the voucher. Lunch to be provided at these specific work dates. If you are unable to attend one of these dates and know of a project that needs completed and you are able to complete it at a different 8 hour increment please let a Board Member know and it can be discussed for possible approval.  There is also the possibility of Fall work dates being set at a later time.  There will be different jobs to do but the first thing will be to get the grounds cleaned up and ready for the mowing committee.  Anyone and everyone can help with this.  Another big job for later in Spring will be replacing the docks.  There will be other jobs also but those are the 2 biggies that come to mind right now.  Please sign in at clubhouse at 9am for each workdate.

2022 Hunting Meetings:  May 14 at 5pm, July 8 at 5-m and September 4 at 5pm to be held at the campstore.  Victor Gray is the lead for Hunting Committee so please direct questions to him.  All active hunters and also those on the waiting list must attend one of these meetings to remain active or on waiting list.

REPEAT-There was a change to Range Rule e.  It will read:  ALL STATE LAWS APPLY!!  For all/any member that does not possess a Carry & Conceal license, all firearms will be transported in a state approved containment case and will be unloaded.  The rules will not be reprinted at this time.

YOUR 2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Laura Strope, President (309)371-5331; Trent Williams, Vice President (309)255-3676;  Ryley Nortrup, Treasurer (309)323-9825; Dawn Presley, Secretary (309)335-0881; Stacy Lee, Trustee (309)224-7322; Janet Stokes, Trustee (309)737-9767; Lisa DeFoer, Trustee (309)202-4788        

Our next meeting will be March 12, 2022 at 9am at Abbe Lanes Restaurant in Abingdon, close to Hilo and Town & Country Restaurant.