January 2021 Newsletter

HAPPY 2021!!  The meeting was held on January 9th with Covid guidelines in place.

The 2021 applications were mailed out to all current members.  If you did not receive one, please let a Board Member know.  Some members did not have the correct address on the 2020 application and have contacted us of that already.  It is very important that if you move or change your phone number to let a Board Member know so the application can be updated.  All members need to return their 2021 application, Social Fee and voucher by March 1st regardless of when you joined to avoid both being considered a new member and also late fees for those who have camper lots.  If you joined in October 2020 or later, you do not have to pay another Social Fee but you do have to complete/return new app. 

The new arrangement of the Rules are not ready as of yet, but should be soon and will be posted to our Facebook site and Website.  NO RULE IS BEING CHANGED, ADDED OR DELETED!   

Please let Laura know if you can help the Kitchen Committee.

The front gate combination has been changed contact a board member if you need the combination. 

We had 6 deer harvested for the season.  Hunters have 2 weeks from the conclusion of Deer Season to remove their blinds, weather permitting. 

Additional speed limit signs are being posted from the mailbox back and must be adhered to.  The “no speed limit” begins at the trail entrance, not before.  As of Jan 1st, per the rules, if you wish to use the Trails or Range you may do so as long as no Hunter is signed in.   For the Trails, riders need to sign in and out so Hunters know if someone is back there.  There is still some small game hunting season open.  For the Range you need to also sign in/out, put the chains up and following the already in place time rule of Sundays after 2PM- Thursday dusk (EXCEPT HOLIDAYS) may shoot anytime during daylight hours. Friday thru Sunday 2pm and holidays you must schedule shooting times with the KCCSC Board at a Board Meeting. 

Our next meeting will be February 13th at 9am at Abbe Lanes in Abingdon, 409 S Western Ave (next to Town & Country Restaurant).  Please watch our Facebook/Website for guidelines that will be in place at that time for the meeting.