Dear Members:

Upcoming election- intent letter turned in by August 31st
– then must attend September board meeting at 8a m. Can give letter to any board member. Four positions to fill. New president and vice president, two trustees. Treasurer and secretary next year.
– Election date: 10/6 7-10 AM and 4-7 PM hours. Need election committee (cannot be running for the board). No absentee ballots.

The Tupperware party that was at the pavilion donated $75 back to campground.

Brooke Vancleave caught the 3lb Albino catfish.

Labor Day activities- nighttime timber poker run we will need five cardholders to help, no children allowed. There will be a beach party at the lake Labor Day weekend.

Spoon River Electric will be increasing our bills as everyone has probably already noticed. The board had a meeting with the president to see if there was anything we could do to get the bills lowered back down, but they couldn’t help us out.

The last lake test came back with high E. coli. We also purchased 10 barley bails for the lake and should have plenty to last the rest of this year and most of next.

Sunday of Labor Day is last meeting, day before can put out stands. Clarification: hunting committee makes and changes hunting rules, then they are brought to board for approval at September meeting to be applied to current year’s hunting season.

Happy camping!

July 2018 KCCSC Newsletter