Dear Members:
Just another friendly reminder to clean up and maintain campsites. If you are mowing at home, you should be mowing at the campground. Some of the lots are getting tall. If grass is greater than eight inches tall, it will be mowed and you will be assessed a $50 fine/fee for mowing.

Please be more conservative and do not put big, unnecessary items in the dumpster, such as lawn chairs and a grill that were found in the dumpster over Memorial Day Weekend. Also, if it is full, do not put additional garbage in it. The lids should be able to close. If it keeps overflowing we will not have a dumpster or cans throughout the campground and everyone will have to take their garbage home. Also, the porta potties are not garbage cans. Nothing is to be
thrown in them but toilet paper.

There has also been note of some offensive graffiti found at the campground. This issue has been resolved, but please keep in mind that we share this campground and we need to respect each other and our KCCSC community. Coloring, drawing, painting, carving, or damaging campground property, in any way, is not allowed.

Jeff Foley is no longer managing ATV stickers or ice. If you need your ATV sticker please see Justin Williams or Steve Lee.

Please dress appropriately when participating in activities or functions at the campground. All events are ‘family’ or ‘kid’ friendly, unless specified otherwise, and should be attended as so.

Reminder that 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year, so we will be celebrating the weekend before. Weather permitting, 4th of July weekend activities are as follows:

9:00am: Breakfast at the Clubhouse. If it’s a breakfast food, it will probably be there! We will be asking for cash donations at the door.
10:30am-12:30pm: Red, White and Blue Tie-Dye Stop (Bring your own white shirt, shorts, socks, or dresses. Dyes will be provided.)
1:00pm-2:00pm: Build Your Own Birdhouse (Bring your own empty pop bottle, milk jug, etc.. Paint and decorations will be provided.)
7:30-9:30pm: Movie Time at the Pavilion: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Bring your own chair or blanket. Snow cones and popcorn will be provided.)

Please be sure to thank the kitchen committee, the activities committee, and all their volunteers for all their hard work!

The July meeting is the 14th at 9:00 am at the clubhouse. All members are welcome to attend!

June 2018 KCCSC Newsletter