Unfortunately, Memorial Weekend was pretty much a wash out so we were not able to have all planned activities. We are hoping for a dry and warm July 4th weekend. Here are the planned activities for that weekend:

Saturday July 6th, 930am-1030am-Fishing Derby, meet at Pavilion to get signed up and we all go down together, there will be 3 age groups up to age 16, child must be able to participate in the fishing process, there will be
2 prizes per age group (1 for the longest fish caught, 1 for the most fish caught), there will be a $50 prize to any Fishing Derby participant that catches an albino fish during the Fishing Derby only.

Saturday July 6th, 2pm-will have a piƱata filled with candy for the kids at the Pavilion

Saturday July 6th, 3pm-Beach Party including root beer floats and snow cones

Saturday July 6th, 7pm-Pitch Tournament-$5 Buy In

WITH REPORT ALLOWED ON KCCSC PROPERTY THIS YEAR. (Report is defined as anything that creates explosion. Some Examples are: fire crackers, bottle rockets)

If the Trail Committee has marked off certain areas of the ATV trails, that means STAY OUT OF THOSE AREAS!! DO NOT remove the tape/rope or whatever was used to mark it and drive thru it.

We recently had our State Inspection and we did get written up on one deficiency, which is a major change for everyone. Effective Immediately: ALL WOOD PILES MUST BE 6 INCHES OFF THE GROUND DUE TO VECTOR. This applies to every campsite in the campground. You can use wood pallets or raised metal racks to hold the wood. All woodpiles should be off the ground by July 5th, 2019. If after this date, your woodpile does not comply with this State Regulation, you (THE MEMBER) will be responsible for any fine that could be incurred by the State if we get cited again. The State can and most likely will do a Re-Visit this summer to ensure everyone is in compliance.

We need help with mowing and weed eating of the grounds and especially the south side of the lake prior to July 4th Weekend. Any and All help appreciated!! Please bring your own push mowers, weed eaters, etc.

Reminder-if the grass on your Lot is over 8 inches tall, the Mowing Committee will mow it and you will receive a $50 bill for this. Lets get all lots cleaned up and looking great!!

Wishing everyone a Safe and Fun July 4th!!