Dear Members:

We have had some new volunteers for committees, which is wonderful! Thank you to everyone who has come forward to help out! We could still use committee members to assist with: Grounds, Utilities/Maintenance, Showers, Park, and Beach.

The first work weekend of the season is planned for Saturday, March 24th, 2018, weather permitting. Those who participate can earn a $50 voucher to use towards their 2019 membership renewal. If we have foul weather, the work day will be rescheduled for the Sunday following. There will be potato soup, chili, and bread with peanut butter provided by the kitchen committee. They are asking for members to please bring sides and desserts. This will be the first opportunity to have ATVs assessed and stickered for 2018. You must show proof of valid insurance.

The water in the clubhouse has been turned on. With the weather breaking, the club is asking that members clean up around their campers and their campsites. Yards should be maintained to keep the campground looking like the paradise we all feel it is. The club has ordered new fish for the lake and the planned delivery date is for May 11th. Any members who can be present to help put them in the lake are greatly appreciated. Last year everyone who came really enjoyed it.

The deadline for membership renewal has now passed. Those people who want to join the club can apply for sponsorship and attend a meeting for approval of a new membership. If you did not renew your membership by March 1st, you must re-apply as a new member.

The April board meeting will be held back at the KCCSC clubhouse at the usual 9 am time. These are always on the second Saturday of every month unless otherwise noted. All members are welcome to attend.

The year is divided into two seasons: ‘camp’ and ‘not camp’. Spring has sprung and it looks like
‘camp’ season is upon us!

March 2018 KCCSC Newsletter