Dear Members:
The fish delivery went well. There is a 3lb albino catfish with a $50 bounty on it. This bounty is only open to kids during Memorial Day Weekend. After that, it is open to anyone. Just take a picture of the fisherman with the fish and show it to a board member to claim. You can do with the fish as you wish. Remember, there is no fishing until Memorial Day Weekend!

Approximately half of the hunting members attended the first meeting. The next hunting meetings will be July 15th and September 2nd. If members want to stay on the hunting list (this includes waiting list), you must attend at least one meeting. The hunting committee is discussing some rule changes, so, if you want to have an opinion, please attend.

Just a friendly reminder to clean up and maintain campsites. If you are mowing at home, you should be mowing at the campground. If the grass is greater than eight inches tall, it will be mowed and you will be assessed a $50 fine/fee for mowing.

The front gate will be locked during the week for the next couple of weeks. If you need the combination to get in, please contact a board member.

The next work weekend is May 19th from 9 am to 4 pm. Sign in at the clubhouse at 9 am. The kitchen committee is serving breakfast food (scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, etc.) for lunch. They need volunteers to bring desserts, sides, and/or whatever else you would like to contribute.

Again, weather permitting, Memorial Day weekend activities are as follows:
Saturday: 9:00 am- 10:30 am the fishing derby, old-fashioned games for kids from 3pm-4pm, BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish) potluck at 5:30 pm, DJ from 7pm-11pm. Sunday: Beach party 2pm-4pm. Everything should be summarized in greater detail on the Facebook page closer to the date. Memorial Day weekend is open to friends and family to bring ATVs; individuals must show proof of insurance, sign a waiver, and pay a $10/ATV fee. If they later join as a member, they will get an ATV sticker free.

The shooting range will be closed on June 9th from 2pm-4pm for the 4-H shooting sports.

June 30th the kitchen committee is planning a community breakfast. They will need volunteers to help cook, serve, and clean up. Please see Kim Shumaker or Laura Easley if you are available and/or interested in helping out.

The June board meeting will be held early. It is June 2nd at the KCCSC clubhouse at the usual 9 am time. All members are welcome to attend.

Happy camping!

May 2018 KCCSC Newsletter