Opening weekend will be May 25, 26 & 27, 2019 so please make sure all lots/campers are cleaned up and looking nice. If your lot is not mowed to KCCSC standards (Rule 20c) by May 19th, 2019, the Grounds Committee will mow it and the Member assigned to that lot will be billed $50 per Rule 20d.

We need LOTS of help this next work day which is Saturday, May 18, 2019. Please bring your own weed eaters, push mowers, pruners, etc… to get all areas spruced up and looking nice, especially down by the lake. AGAIN WE NEED LOTS OF HELP WITH THIS!! Come do your workday and earn your $50 voucher toward next year’s Social Fee. Lasagna will be served for lunch that day for those that do work. Susie Shinn is in need of deserts and mozzarella cheese and also help cooking/preparing that morning, please let Susie know if you can donate either or help that morning.

Member’s ATVs must be tested and proof of insurance must be provided by Thursday, May 20, 2019, to receive a 2019 sticker for $5. After that it will cost $10. Memorial Day Weekend will be open to Member’s Family & Friends. If they wish to bring their own ATV they will need to sign a waiver and also need to show proof of insurance and have it tested for a fee of $10 to receive a temporary marker. If they decide to join the club after this weekend, they will receive a free 2019 ATV sticker. During the Holiday weekend testing will only be provided between the hours of 10am-2pm, please be mindful of Star Norton’s time so she may enjoy time with her family and friends that weekend also.

One temp spot is already reserved for this weekend.

The trails continue to be worked on so PLEASE USE CAUTION when driving on them. The Trails Committee would appreciate any and all help they could get with this! You can contact Victor Gray with any questions.

Unfortunately, the fish did not get delivered on Friday, May 10th as planned. Please be watching FaceBook for when they will be delivered as we will need any and all available help for this also.

Remember, KCCSC is all of the Member’s Campground and we ALL need to take care and maintain it as much as we are able to. We understand that not everyone is able to do physical work, but we welcome food donations, maybe you could haul wagons around for others to pick up sticks or other items or maybe supervise some of the younger children while their parents work on the grounds. We welcome your suggestions.

Our next meeting is being moved, it will be held Saturday, June 22, 2019, at 9 am at the Clubhouse. All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend!!