Our May meeting was held today with social distancing maintained and less than 10 people in the clubhouse at a time.   

COVID 19 update-For the safety of our KCCSC Members and also to protect the campgrounds State License, the Board made the decision that EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY THE CAMPGROUND IS NOW ONLY OPEN TO SOCIAL & CAMPING MEMBERS, NO GUESTS ALLOWED ON KCCSC PROPERTY.  Also please be mindful of gatherings at your campsites; there should be no more than 10 members at your site and you should maintain 6 feet social distance from anyone that does not live with you.  Masks should be worn if unable to maintain social distancing.  The park is open for the children to play at, however, A PARENT OR RESPONSIBLE ADULT 18YRS OR OLDER MUST BE PRESENT SUPERVISING.  Children playing close together that do not live together should also wear masks.  We also ask that you sanitize the plastic portions of the playground after use as able. All activities have been canceled through the month of May. These guidelines will remain in effect until further notice. We understand that these are very unusual requests, however, we all want to be safe and keep our campground open; the only way we can do that is by the following state-mandated guidelines.  Thank you in advance.   

Park-A HUGE Thank you to Kolby McKee and everyone that helped him with building the new structures and play equipment.  It looks great and the kids will LOVE playing on them. 

REMINDER-The dumpster is ONLY for normal every day trash.  IT IS NOT FOR LARGE ITEMS OR ELECTRICAL ITEMS.  The trash company can refuse to empty the dumpster if these items are found in or by dumpster.  Large items should be taken to your home for disposal.    

Hunters-the first meeting was held May 9th.  Future meetings will be July 10 and Sept 6 at 6pm at campstore.  ALL hunters and those on waiting list must attend 1 Hunter’s meeting to remain active or on waiting list.  See Victor Gray for any questions. 

Workday-scheduled for May 16, lunch will NOT be served.  We plan to schedule more in the Summer and/or Fall.  If you know of a project or something that needs completed at campground please let a Board member know. 

Lake was stocked May 8th, NO FISHING FOR 2 WEEKS-make sure to follow limits posted for each type of fish caught when fishing is open again. 

Shower Rooms-Lisa DeFoer and her committee has worked hard on making these rooms clean and looking good.  They would like to thank everyone that is doing their part in helping make their job easy.  New shower mats have recently been installed. 

Mowing-if you are mowing at home, you should be mowing at campground.  If the grass on your lots gets taller than 8 inches the grounds committee will mow it and you will owe a $50 fee. 

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, June 13th, 2020 at 9am at the Clubhouse.   Please watch our Facebook site and/or Website for guidelines that will be in place for that meeting. 

Stay Healthy & Safe!!