Dear Members:

It’s getting cold guys- please remember to turn in a letter of intent to winter camp to a board member if you are interested in doing so. That being said, we have a new board: Justin Williams is the President, Steve Lee is the Vice President, Janet Stokes is the Treasurer, and Matt McMahill is the Secretary, with Dan Workman, Denny Easley, and Kevin Orman as the trustees. Congratulations to the new board members as we begin a new year!

As we prepare for winter, here are some points of interest. The front gate will be locked on November 30th, 2017. If you need a combination to the lock please request it from a board member. Please close and lock the gate behind you when coming in and going out. All of the trash cans were picked up this last weekend and the dumpster will be removed this week, so members are responsible for their own garbage. The water was shut off this last weekend as well. The aerators in the lake will all three stay on this winter, so please no ice fishing. As of now, five deer have been harvested from the KCCSC property. May all the hunters continue to have a successful season!

If anyone would like to head or be on a committee please submit a letter of intent to the board. If you have previously been on or been the chairman of a committee and are planning to do it again, you still need to submit a letter of intent to the board with a proposed budget. Those who have previously been in charge of a committee and plan to resign, the board requests that you present a budget of your allocated funds from the last year so the new chairman has an idea of what to request. Additionally, we are in need of someone to take over ice sales and still searching for an activities director. We also still need a second alternate willing to be licensed for sanitation. I know the campground members would appreciate anyone who could help out. We love our porta potties and don’t want to see them go!

December, January, and February board meetings will be held at the Abingdon Banking Center at the usual 9 am time. For the next meeting, the December 9th meeting, the bank will be hosting its Christmas Open House on the same day, so please be courteous to their customers and park in the back of the lot.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

P.S. Is it camping season yet?

November 2017 KCCSC Newsletter