Dear Members:
The new Board was seated at the November 11, 2018 meeting. They are as follows: President- Justin Williams
Vice President- Steve Lee
Secretary- Dawn Presley
Treasurer- Susie Shinn
Trustee: Aaron Norton
Trustee: Matt McMahill

A big Thank You to Denny Easley and Dan Workman for serving on the previous Boards.

The water to the campground was shut off Sunday, November 12. Thank you to everyone that helped with this. The front gate will start being locked Monday, November 19. Please check with a Board Member if you need the combination, it is the same as last year. We need Leaders for the following committees: Showers and Activities; please let a Board Member know if you are able to lead or help with either. Don’t forget, if you want to camp during the winter season, you must turn in a written intent to one of the Board Members.

The Rules meeting was also held November 11, which all members present were able to participate and vote on. The 2019 Rules and Application will be coming out in the near future. Please be looking for these in your email or regular mail (if paid for). Please DO NOT turn in your 2019 Application before January 1, 2019. You will have until March 1, 2019, to turn it in, after that date you will be considered late and you will be considered a NEW member. When you do get your rules, please pay close attention to Rules 37c, 43b, 50d, and 54l as these are the ones that were added or adjusted. Hunters Rules- 16 & 17 were added which state: A membership can only take 4 deer per season & A hunter must get committee approval to move stand from previous year’s spot. These 2 rules were actually approved earlier in the year by the 2018 Board.

The December, January, February, and March meetings will be held at the Abingdon Raritan State Bank the 2nd Saturday of those months at 9 am. Their address is 805 N Monroe St, Abingdon, IL 61410. It is across from the old closed down Hardees building. Please watch for updates on the KCCSC facebook page and website in case of cancellations or rescheduling due to bad weather.