The meeting was held on November 14 with Covid guidelines in place. Thank you to everyone for being understanding. The new 2020/2021 Board was seated at this meeting. Thank you to Susie Shinn, Justin Williams and Steve Lee for all of your hard work and dedication while seated on the Board and Welcome to Victor Gray, Stacy Lee and Ryley Nortrup! We were unable to have a Rules meeting due to limited members allowed/covid guidelines. Our current rules will remain active until further notice when we are actually able to have a meeting with an unrestricted number of members. The only thing updated on the application was the year and the 2021 applications will be mailed out in near future to each current member. Everyone has to complete a new 2021 application regardless of when you joined. If you joined in October 2020 or later, you do not have to pay another Social Fee but you do have to complete/return the new app. You can start returning the application with your voucher and money on January 1st, not before. Here are all of the current Board Member’s contact information: Laura Strope, President (309)371-5331; Trent Williams, Vice President (309)255-3676; Victor Gray, Treasurer (309) 335-1510; Dawn Presley, Secretary (309)335-0881; Josh Swarts, Trustee (309)368-6604; Stacy Lee, Trustee (309)224-7322; Ryley Nortrup, Trustee (309)323-9825. Janet Stokes turned in a letter of resignation for the 2020/2021 Board and Ryley was the next in line with the most votes from the membership that voted. Janet has graciously accepted to be Victor’s assistant.

We still have only had 1 deer harvested for the season. Shotgun season is nearing. Remember that trails, range and beach are all closed off at this time. The KCCSC circular saw is currently missing. If anyone has borrowed it and forgot to return it, please let Victor know. It is orange and grey and marked with ‘KCCSC”. The combination to the maintenance shed will be changed with only needed members having the combo. The front gate combination is also being changed as of Monday, November 23. It will now be 2021. This is for members ONLY, please do not give this combo out to anyone that is not a member.

**With the water being shut off to all campground now, including clubhouse, IT IS IMPERATIVE, to have plenty enough water on hand available to put out a fire. No fire should be started anywhere, including in a fire pit, if you do not have enough water available to put that fire out and NO FIRE SHOULD BE LEFT UNATTENDED. This is a huge safety concern!! Shower rooms are also now closed to members due to the water being off.

Our next meeting will be December 12 at 9am at Abbe Lanes in Abingdon, 409 S Western Ave (next to Town & Country Restaurant). Please watch our Facebook/Website for guidelines that will be in place at that time for the meeting.