The meeting was held on November 13.  The Rules meeting was also held at this time.  Just a reminder of who the new Board is:  President-Laura Strope, Vice President-Trent William, Secretary-Dawn Presley, and Treasurer-Ryley Nortrup, Trustees-Janet Stokes, Stacy Lee, Lisa DeFoer.  We would like to thank Josh Swarts for his time and help while serving on previous Board.

It was a very long Rules meeting and the new Rules will eventually be posted on website, Facebook and paper copies will be available as soon as possible.  It takes time to edit the rules as there were many changes.  The application will also be updated and mailed out to all members by January 1st (Membership & Hunting app).  They are due back no later than March 1st.

Some of the major changes are as follows:  A letter to the Board is no longer required to winter camp.  The rule stating a membership must do a 8 hour work day or 8 hour work project to remain in good standings was deleted.  The rule stating visitors must be with a member was revised to say members will be responsible for the actions of their visitors while on KCCSC property.  The rule stating NO conceal & carry was deleted.  New rule-reservations of any KCCSC facilities or building can only be for 1 (24 hour) day per membership.  New rule-New members joining in October or a following winter month will be given the option to wait until the following April to activate their electricity.  New rule-legal cannabis for use according to state law only (make sure you know this law).  No one may swim alone was deleted. These are NOT all of the changes/additions/deletions but are some of the main ones.

The water has been shut off to the campground, please be very mindful of any fires and have plenty of water on hand. 

The code has been changed to front gate, please contact a Board Member or someone who was at the Rules Meeting for this new code.

Reminder the Range and Trails are closed. 

Our next meeting will be December 11, 2021 at 9am at Abbe Lanes Restaurant in Abingdon, close to Hilo and Town & Country Restaurant.