Dear Members:
Just another friendly reminder to clean up and maintain campsites.

Reminder if you are planning on winter camping please give a board member a
letter to let the board know.

The next board meeting will be 11/10/18 at 9:00 am, the rules meeting will take place during this meeting as well. So, if there is something in the rules you think
needs changed or address please come to this meeting.

The New board is:
President- Justin Williams
Vice President- Steve Lee
Secretary- Dawn Presley
Treasurer- Susie Shinn
Trustee: Aaron Norton
Trustee: Matt McMahill

Reminder water will be shut off after the November board meeting.

Also, we will be needing people to step up and become committee leaders for all
the committees for the 2019 camping season, also we will be needing budgets for
the 2019 committees.

Thank you for everyone that has put the time in this year to keep the campground
going this season.